Property Management Services

Property Maintenance
We provide regular observation and maintenance checks to keep your property in best shape. VRESCO’s Property Maintenance Services is covering whole aspects from the building foundation to the roof and everything in between the walls.
Handyman, purchasing and installation
No job is too small for us. We will undertake from you all the little jobs allowing you to enjoy your weekends. Again, we will cover everything, from fixing a broken light bulb, hanging a new picture, putting up the newly arrived shelf to changing your door lock, setting up your audio system, linking all your IT equipment and electronic devices to purchasing any products and arranging for pickup/delivery and ensuring that it is properly setup and installed according to manufacturer instructions and health and safety compliance, at VRESCO we will have it all under control.
Mail watch
Whether you travel for a short or extended period, or even living abroad for a prolonged duration, your mail will be handled safely. VRESCO’s mail watch service will allow you peace of mind that your mail is received and handled safely ensuring a high level of privacy, opening and making the content of your letters available in digital format for you to review, also storing safely and unopened any particular letters and parcels indicated until your return. Our Mail watch service can be extended for mail forwarding to any alternative address anywhere in the world using regular or overnight service.
Key holding
VRESCO’s key holding service is available 24h and covers all types of incidents such as alarms or burst water pipes, we will endeavour any emergency. Our 24h contact details will be made available to your neighbours and authorities and we will be your primary contact if something is amiss and situation requires. You will be promptly updated on the situations, depending on the gravity, either by phone, email or text.
Gardening and Landscaping
VRESCO can maintain the gardening and landscape your backyard to ensure you have a healthy green zone around you, taking in our charge any task from watering the flowers to complete remodelling of your garden.
Cleaning and Laundry
At VRESCO we can take care of your daily, weekly, bi-weekly or fortnightly property cleaning, ensuring you have a clean and healthy home always. We will undergo all the responsibility of co-ordinating the preferred time your cleaner to attend, providing access to the property. Your safety and privacy will always be our top priority; therefore the cleaner selected will be vetted and deemed suitable for the job and will perform under specific guidelines with a checklist provided and supervised by a member of our team. Another tedious household job is laundry. Using VRESCO laundry services, we can take care that your sheets, towels, shirts or any wearable items and have them impeccable, clean and ironed. We can arrange for in-house laundry or pick-up, re-deliver and sorting inside the wardrobe with the best attention and care.
Modernisation and Refurbishment
Extensive building works can be time-consuming and often creating some unpleasant situations. Depending on the refurbishment scale, very often is unsuitable for homeowners to remain in the property while the works are underway. We can oversee the entire renovation program and arrange temporary relocation to match your comfort and privacy. Leaving all the work on our shoulders, we will liaise with contractors to manage your project from a to z. Once the renovation is complete, we will carry a thorough snagging assuring that nothing is left omitted, allowing you to return to a home that is welcoming, refurbished to your particular specifications, close attention to details and all the furnishing back in their rightful places. A complete and constant update, with daily progress, is provided allowing you to monitor and indicate particular preferences during the refurbishing stage.
Furnishings and Interior Design
Very similar with a refurbishment, arranging for new furnishing or interior design, can prove challenging and again time-consuming. VRESCO can manage all the stages involved and provide a comprehensive service whether the process is for a private residence or aimed at an investment property.
Property Agent Management
VRESCO’s agent management team will act on your behalf ensuring professional service and complete control over the selling/purchasing/renting process. Our service is designed to match your expectations and ensure that you will get the very best at the end of the transaction whether you use our services for selling or letting your property, our team will always get the deal done.
Private or Commercial Tenant Management
One of the most used service from VRESCO, the tenant management service is available to you when renting out your property. Although operating at global scale, VRESCO has a tailored service that will ensure your property is well kept and complying with standards and regulations for letting out and at the same time, the new tenants’ needs are also well looked after. Regular checks of the property will be a priority but also fast and reactive management over any issue reported by the new tenant ensuring an excellent comfort, well-kept property and a high level of tenant happiness and satisfaction.
Private Car service
VRESCO’s car service is designed to help you and take away the burden and hazardous process of owning a car. Regular servicing and inspections, MOTs, tax discs and parking tickets are only some of the things our team can help. Car service can be extended to temporary or permanent personal chauffeur.

Private Property Management

Our Private Property Management services will be customised to fit your needs. Whether you are a permanent resident or living abroad and visiting only a few times a year, your property will be in the best hands and looked after just as you would expect us to do it. We will take care of all the management and maintenance, allowing you to stay focused on your priorities such as family and business.

- Utilities (bills, payments and administration)
- Daily, bi-weekly, weekly and fortnightly property checks
- Homecoming preparation
- 24h availability for on-call and first response
- Contractor works: maintenance, refurbishment, extension
- Furnishing and Interior design
- Handyman, Gardening and Landscaping
- Cleaning and Laundry
- Pool maintenance
- Garage maintenance, Removals and storage services
- Housekeeping staff training, management and procurement
- Daily groceries shopping
- Cooking
- Piano tuning and servicing
- Home cinema installation, maintenance and servicing
- AV and home automation installation, maintenance and servicing
- Home security system (CCTV), installation and monitoring

Luxury Property Management


Dedicated Expense Account

A dedicated household expense account at your services to keep up with all your utilities and maintenance bills.

To discuss your property management requirements, feel free to call us: +44 0800 808 5858.